Repeat Prescription Request

Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will now not generally give you a prescription for over the counter medicines.

Instead, they are available to buy in your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Please remember that the prescribing of medications that you can buy over the counter is being greatly reduced and you may find that some of the items you had on prescription before are no longer there. Please see the attached leaflet for further information

Help the NHS to use resources sensibly.

Allow 3-5 working days before collecting your prescription or medication if you are one of our dispensing patients (you get your medication from the surgery). For non-dispensing patients please sign up to the EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service) by nominating a pharmacy. Speak to our Dispensary team or ask your local pharmacist to set this up for you. This means we can send your prescription directly to them electronically which saves you collecting it.

If you need to access urgent medication when the practice is closed, please contact NHS 111.

The Online Patient Services system remembers which medications you are on and makes requesting repeat prescriptions faster and easier.

Repeat Prescription Request

Repeat Prescription Request

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