COVID-19 and Your Information

…purpose of this Notice is to require organisations such as the practice to process confidential patient information for the purposes set out in Regulation 3(1) of COPI to support the

Privacy Notice

…with other NHS services to co-ordinate these. Information held about you may be used to help protect the health of the public and to help us to improve NHS services….

Local Shared Care Record

Introduction Your local health and care services are working more closely together to provide a joined-up service to meet your needs. Working together improves the quality of care because the

Repeat Prescription Request

Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will now not generally give you a prescription for over the counter medicines. Instead, they are available to buy in your local pharmacy or supermarket….

Electronic Prescription Service

…Avenue Boots Pharmacy, Asda Mall Other Other Pharmacy Name: * Pharmacy Address: * Pharmacy Postcode: * Not sure what your closest pharmacy is? Use the NHS Find a Pharmacy tool….

Referral Request

can only request a referral through this form if you have been seen by a doctor in the previous six months regarding the problem you wish a referral for. If…

Ask a Doctor a Question

Please note that due to a large increase in patient appointments we have had to temporarily turn off the ask the doctor a question. Please note we remain open and…

Minor Surgery Consent Form

…below but this list is not exhaustive Bleeding Bruising Increased pain Infection Incomplete removal of lesion Scarring * I confirm that I am aware that as a result of this…


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