Repeat Prescriptions

Order Your Repeat Prescription Online

Online ordering of Repeat Prescriptions is via the same ‘portal’ as is used for online appointment booking – Patient Services, which works with smartphones and tablets too.

To register for online services please complete our registration form. Please note: this facility is currently only available for patients aged 16yrs and over. The same form can also be used to apply for online access to your medical record. Should you wish to do this, it is important that you read our information leaflet.

Repeat prescriptions will be issued at the doctor’s discretion and are normally for patients on long-term treatment. If you require a repeat prescription you can:

  • Order Your Repeat Prescription Online via Patient services
  • Order in person at Swallowfield Surgery
  • Send a request through our website using the repeat prescription request form giving full details of your request including where you would like to collect your items from if we dispense them (“J Smith’s white tablets” is dangerous as we could get the wrong J Smith and the wrong tablets). If you are a non-dispensing patient and have previously requested your prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy, this is where the prescription will be sent. Please remember to register for Patient Services and not to use this form on a regular basis. Patient Services provides a direct link into the clinical system so it improves accuracy and speeds up the process for both the patient and the GP.

The first option is the quickest and most effective way of ordering your medication once your account has been created as it lists all your current medication. Please do register and and use this service.

Please give 3 full working days notice (excluding the day we receive your request). We recommend that you order your repeats at least a week before you are due to run out in case there are any supply problems.

No medicines can be sent out unless we have received the prescription charge due or are satisfied that we know the reason you are exempt from charges.

Medication not collected within one week of dispensing will be taken back into stock, owing to limited shelf space.

Please tell us immediately if items you have been promised have not arrived. The longer you delay the harder it is for us to track down those items.

Electronic Prescription Service

The NHS is phasing out green prescriptions known as FP10s with the majority of prescriptions now being processed electronically through the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

EPS allows prescribers to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice – known as their “nominated” pharmacy. Whilst paper prescriptions will continue to be available in special circumstances, almost all prescriptions will now be processed electronically.

If you are a non-dispensing patient and you do not already have a nomination of a local pharmacy, you will be given an EPS token. This EPS token looks similar to the usual green EP10, but will need to be taken to a pharmacy of your choice to obtain your medication. Having a nomination will ensure you are able to pick up your medications straight from your chosen pharmacy, without needing to collect tokens from the surgery each time. Whichever pharmacy you nominate will receive all prescriptions issued for you until such a time that you change your nomination.

For more information about EPS4, visit the NHS Digital website.

Please note, this does not affect our dispensing patients.

If you are on repeat medication and normally take your prescription to a Chemist, please talk to them about the possibility of ‘Repeat Dispensing’ (also known as batch prescribing). This can reduce the frequency with which you have to order your repeat prescriptions from us.

NHS guidelines encourage us to provide a sufficient supply of most drugs to last for one month. If you need enough for a longer period, such as when you are going on holiday, tell us so that we can dispense next month’s allowance in advance. Please remember the service described here is for repeat medication only. For acute items you will need to see the doctor or acute illness nurse.